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(30 May 2016)
Flag of Israel-Palestine

    The troubles in the Middle East sometimes seem intractible and endless.  But no conflict goes on for ever, so lasting peace will one day return to the Holy Land.  That is inevitable.


    It may be decades away, or centuries, but peace will eventually come.


    So it's worth stepping back and trying to imagine what it will look like when it happens.

 Contrasting flags

What will peace look like?


    A peace imposed by force, where one side entirely crushes the other's capacity to resist, is of course possible.


    Such a peace might conceivably last for a generation, or maybe two.   But the folk memory of injustice chafes away at the pacifist instincts of those who have not experienced the horrors of war for themselves.


    Conflict would certainly reignite, because a peace of that kind is illusory.  The only true peace is a lasting peace, and the only lasting peace is one that ends the chafing of injustice.


    Any conflict where two parties earnestly lay claim to the same thing will not be resolved by giving the thing to one party and denying it to the other, nor by taking the thing, whether it be a child, a carpet, or a country, and cutting it to pieces.  Rather, the thing must be shared in a civilised manner.


    The only possible resolution of this conflict is therefore a single, civilised, shared state where all the people of the Holy Land live together in mutual respect as equals, irrespective of ethnicity or religion.


    Lasting peace will eventually happen, so such an outcome will, in the long run, inevitably be reached.


    Why delay the inevitable?

 Opposing flags

Why a new flag?

    Each side in this conflict perceives the flag of the other as a symbol of the threat to their own community.

    Those of us who believe in the vision of a single, secular state for all the inhabitants of the Holy Land should forbear to wave either flag, but instead we should wave the flag of the future state that we believe in, the state that will bring lasting peace.


    This is my design for that flag.


    (The new nation will be created by amalgamating two apparently irreconcilable enemies.  That would seem a far greater challenge were it not for a shining example from recent history.  The resemblence to the flag of South Africa is deliberate.)

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